​Rockhaven Films​​​​​​​​​​ is a production company devoted to creativity and innovation, producing high quality content for film, television, digital, and commercial purposes. From the earliest stages of conceptualization, all the way through to the launch, everything is done in-house, including motion graphics, color, and sound design.

Rockhaven began in our adolescence when we first came together, decided to pick up a camera, and begin making films that we ourselves would want to watch. Throughout these formative years, and the slightly more focused years that followed, we would hone our individual skills and develop not only a true passion, but also a deep respect for the art of filmmaking. In 2012 we made it official and the doors to Rockhaven Films were opened for business.

Since the founding of Rockhaven, we have held a firm belief that story is paramount, and to turn an idea or concept into a reality, it is essential to drive these stories with character and a unique visual style. It is this mindset that we strive to embody with every project.

Edward Schroer

Producer / Editor

Josh Doke


Iain Trimble


Austin Wagoner

Associate Producer

Mack Schroer

Art Director / Animator

Jake Schultz

Camera Assistant