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About Us.


Rockhaven Films is a production company devoted to creativity and innovation, producing high quality content for film, television, digital, and commercial purposes. From the earliest stages of conceptualization, all the way through to the launch, everything is done in-house, including motion graphics, color, and sound design.

Since the founding of Rockhaven, we have held a firm belief that story is paramount, and to turn an idea or concept into a reality, it is essential to drive these stories with character and a unique visual style. It is this mindset that we strive to embody with every project.

Rockhaven began in our adolescence when we first came together, decided to pick up a camera, and begin making films that we ourselves would want to watch. Throughout these formative years, and the slightly more focused years that followed, we would hone our individual skills and develop not only a true passion, but also a deep respect for the art of filmmaking. In 2012 we made it official and the doors to Rockhaven Films were opened for business.



Josh Doke

Writer / Director

At a young age, Josh believed his career would be one filled with the pages of the loose leaf comics he was creating in math class. After growing older and developing an affinity for world travel, Hemingway, and the films of the 1970s, his knack for storytelling shifted from the panels of comic books to the lean pages of a screenplay. Josh recently wrote and directed his first feature film, Goodland, and continues to develop creative commercial content for Rockhaven Films.

Edward Schroer

Producer / Editor

Like a sculptor staring at a block of marble, Edward can envision the stories that lie hidden within the hours of raw footage at the onset of every project’s editing process. In addition to managing Rockhaven's post-production, Edward's years of experience in the advertising world has lent itself well to producing commercial content. He works with clients, agencies, and vendors to line up shoots and oversee the logistics from start to finish, ensuring that the process is just as seamless as the final product.

Iain Trimble


Dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of craftsmanship, Iain is a cinematographer focused on the continual honing of his already vast and varied skill set. A farm kid and former Division I college athlete, Iain is no stranger to the concept that opportunities are earned, not given. Having shot the feature films Goodland and The Dreams of Rene Sendam, as well as countless commercials, music videos, short films, and documentaries, Iain’s body of work is constantly evolving to reflect his interests in philosophy, adventure, and the arts.

Melissa Lane



VP, Client Relations

Hailing from Atchison, Kansas, Rex moved just outside of Topeka as a puppy to begin his training with an emphasis in communication and the culinary art of food tasting. After developing a strong palate for Happy Hips Wet Dog Food, Rex went on to focus his efforts toward developing lasting relationships with people and fellow dogs alike. Upon joining Rockhaven Films he has worked closely with clients, employees, and just about anyone else who will feed or pet him, to ensure that the bad days aren’t so bad and the good days are even better when shared with man’s best friend.

Austin Wagoner


A former infantryman in the United States Army, Austin got his start at Rockhaven Films as an intern while attending the University of Kansas. After graduation he stepped into a full-time Associate Producer role, working alongside clients to facilitate their needs and making sure that all productions run as smoothly as possible. Austin emphasizes the importance of building lasting relationships and maintaining the highest standard for the work for his clients.

The Brands We Serve

“During the actual production they were professional and easy to work with and put all of our clients and interview subjects at ease. After the shoot, they were always quick to respond and made the editing process a breeze. Their innovative ideas and talent led to an incredible final product that brought our client to tears. ”

Kenzie OlejnikImagemakers

“Rockhaven Films delivers on all counts. I can count on them to deliver top-quality creative recommendations throughout the production process. The team really knows the film/video business, and they are always on time with production and delivery. ”

Doug StremelJackolope Media

“We have worked with Rockhaven Films for 3 years. The professionalism the crew has for not only the work they do, but how they treat our clients is beyond exceptional. The ability to capture a lifetime story in a 2 minute segment and doing it in a artistic way, truly speaks volumes of the talent behind Rockhaven Films. ”

Emily FarelyBert Nash
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