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Based in Lawrence, Kansas, Rockhaven Films is a production company devoted to creativity and innovation, producing high quality content for film, television, digital, and commercial purposes.

Our strength lies in the ability to collaborate with clients and bring together the necessary elements needed to create something truly great. We stand behind our work and strive to bring a cinematic edge to every project we take on.


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KU Leads

KU Leads

The University of Kansas

Lemon Drop Project

Joy Delivered

Lemon Drop Gifts

Man Made for Real Men Real Heroes

Man Made

Westar Energy

Be Happy commercial for Capitol Federal Bank

Be Happy

Capitol Federal










How We Create


When starting out, we take each project to its most basic level. Who will see it and what do we want to say? Sometimes it is as simple as sharing an experience or telling a story. Other times it may be a more involved or nuanced topic. No matter the idea, we work closely with the client to develop a strong narrative that will connect with its audience on any given platform.


We approach every project with both the client and audience in mind, believing that if a story is worth telling, it is worth telling right. We know that great ideas are not developed in a vacuum and that even the most creative individuals need a skilled team to bring a vision to life. This is why with every job we view collaboration as a vital part of the process, both internally and with the clients who hired us.


Once a solid foundation is in place, the real content creation begins. From conceptualization to post-production, we build the story in-house with an assembled team of professionals who are devoted to quality in their respected fields. Whether it’s for online distribution, broadcast television, or narrative film, we craft each project on time and under budget, seeing it through to the final delivery.


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